Service Dog Laws in Oregon


As defined by the service dog laws in Oregon, Section 346.680, an assistance animal is any animal trained to assist a person with a physical impairment in one or more daily life activities, including but not limited to: dog guides, hearing ear dogs, an animal trained to pull a wheelchair; an animal trained to fetch dropped items; and an animal trained to perform balance work. “Daily life activity” includes but is not limited to: self-care, ambulation; communication; or transportation. One may want to consider service dog certification training as a means to instruct a service dog in the applicable daily life activity that pertains to the disabled owner.


The service dog laws in Oregon allows for the presence of a service dog, accompanied by its disabled handler in all public accommodations. Public accommodations include but are not limited to educational institutions, airlines and restaurants. Although not specifically listed, other public locations normally covered by this statute would be hotels and motels, retail stores and movie theatres. Besides airlines, transportation would include buses and taxis as well. Mode of transportation means any mode of transportation operated within the state. The service dog owner is liable for any damages, accidental or otherwise caused by the canine. Service dog certification insures your canines’ best behavior when utilizing these public venues.


A landlord may not refuse to rent a dwelling unit to a person with a physical impairment on the basis of the persons use or possession of an assistance animal. A person with a physical impairment has a cause of action to recover compensatory damages or $200, whichever is greater, from any landlord that refuses to rent a dwelling unit or who charges additional rent on the basis of the persons use or possession of an assistance animal. The theft of or attack on a service dog will result in the charging of a Class C misdemeanor and if this offense results in the death of the canine, the offending party is responsible for economic damages and may face a fine up to $1,000 and imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed 60 days or both.


The service dog laws in Oregon mandate every person keeping a dog that has a set of permanent canine teeth or is six months old, whichever comes first, shall procure a license for the dog. However, an assistance animal is exempt from this licensing requirement. Service dog certification accreditation will serve as proof of the dog’s exemption under this law.

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  1. Linda Martin says:

    Im looking to find assistance in help with getting a certificate & kit for my dog. I have a Dr. already who will write me up the paper’s to give it to me. But I cant afford the kit’s & tags. Do you know of any place for the disabled person to get help with buying this? I sure hope you can help. Thank You So Very Much! Linda & Sadie

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