Service Dog Laws in Oklahoma


The service dog laws in Oklahoma are held under the auspices of the State Attorney General’s office and the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission. Both of these offices are located in OKC.  The statutes we will be discussing in this article are for reference only and not intended to be used as a basis for legal action. The laws will sometimes be paraphrased due to space issues.   As you review this information you will discover service dog certification can be a useful resource for both complying with these rules and receiving the best possible aid from the dog.


As per the service dog laws in Oklahoma, a disabled individual accompanied by a service dog shall not be denied admittance to, or refused access to, any of the following because of such dog: streets, highways, walkways, common carriers, airplanes, motor vehicles, railroad trains,  motor buses, streetcars,  boats or any other mode of public transportation. Hotels, motels and any place of lodging are included as well. Additionally, restaurants, bars and all places where food or beverage is offered for sale to the public, as well as retail and wholesale outlets too. Virtually all places of public accommodation, amusement, convenience or resort, to which the general public is normally invited are covered by this state of Oklahoma proclamation. The owner of the canine shall never be required to pay an additional charge for his or her service dog but is, in fact, liable for any damages done to the premises by such dog. Leased housing is also covered by the service dog laws in Oklahoma within statute 41-113.1 which states: “A landlord shall not deny or terminate a tenancy to a blind, deaf or physically handicapped person because of the guide, signal or service dog of such person UNLESS such dogs are specifically prohibited in the rental agreement entered into prior to 11/01/85.    Service dog certification training will enable you to show proof of the dogs’ relevancy with a leasing agent as well as in public venues, although this accreditation is not required by law.


Failure by any person, firm, corporation or their agent who violates the right of entry to a disabled individual and their service dog is guilty of a misdemeanor as set forth in Section 19.2 of the service dog laws in Oklahoma. Further, the harming, mistreatment or killing of a service animal is punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,000 and/or up to one year in the county jail.

It is once again suggested service dog certification be considered to utilize your assistance canine at an optimum level, while complying with all Oklahoma state laws in this regard.

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