Service Dog Laws in Montana


This article will attempt to enlighten you as to the service dog laws in Montana. The information herein is not intended to be used as a legal reference of any kind. Some of these rules and regulations will be summarized or paraphrased for the sake of space and clarity. While perusing the facts provided, it is recommend you consider service dog certification as a means to comply with the law and to achieve the best possible result with your dog’s behavior.


Within section 49-2-101 of the service dog laws in Montana as set forth by the Attorney General’s office and the states human rights commission, places of public accommodation where a service dog must be allowed entry along with its disabled owner include:  public inns, restaurants, eating houses, hotels, road houses and any place that sells food, alcoholic beverages and malt liquor for consumption. It goes on to list motels, soda fountains, soft drink parlors, taverns, nightclubs, trailer parks, resorts and campgrounds. Further it lists other businesses providing services to the general public such as barbers and cosmetology facilities. Other miscellaneous places listed are swimming pools, golf courses and skating rinks. Transportation companies and hospitals are included within this definition as well. Service dog certification concentrates its instruction to insure your canine is best equipped to deal with the public in all possible scenarios. The service dog laws in Montana, unlike many other states, also offer a specific description of locations where service dogs are not permitted. A public accommodation does not include an institution, club or place of accommodation that proves that it is by its nature, distinctly private. However, if such an institution has over 100 members and regularly receives money from non-members for any fees or services provided, it will not be considered private under these laws.


Additional fees or charges may never be levied solely due to the presence of a service dog. Violations of the service dog laws in Montana by any person, corporation or their agent, preventing the entry of, or interference with the animal will result in a misdemeanor offense. This is clearly defined in section 49-4-215. The owner of the service dog is liable for any damages done to the premises accidental or otherwise by the canine. With this liability concern, it is once again suggested service dog certification be looked into, to help prevent any unwanted occurrences.

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