Service Dog Laws in Kentucky


The following article will present the service dog laws in Kentucky in a concise, summarized manner. This information should not be used as the basis for legal action. Should you feel you or your service dog have been discriminated against, it is suggested you retain an attorney.

As a precursor to any discussion regarding a disabled person and the use of their service dog, it should be noted that the definition of a service animal in most states includes the requirement that the canine is specially trained to perform tasks for the disabled individual. While there are other ways to achieve this, service dog certification training has proven to be the best method.


The service dog laws in Kentucky are set forth in section 258.500 and are stated as follows: Persons with service dogs are not to be denied accommodations, transportation or elevator service. If a person is accompanied by a service dog, neither the person nor the dog shall be denied admittance to any hotel, motel, restaurant, or eating establishment nor shall the person be denied full and equal accommodations, facilities and privileges of all public places of amusement, theater and resort when accompanied by a service dog. Any person accompanied by a service dog shall be provided to full and equal accommodations on all public transportation, if the dog does not occupy a seat in any public conveyance nor endanger the public safety. No person shall be required to pay an additional fee for the presence of the dog. No person accompanied by a service dog shall be denied admittance and use of any public building, nor denied the use of any elevator operated for public use. Any person accompanied by a service dog, may keep the dog in their immediate custody while a tenant of any dwelling. Service dog certification bodes well when dealing with a landlord regarding a rental property.


Service dog laws in Kentucky states; no person shall willfully or maliciously interfere with a service dog or their user. Emergency medical treatment shall not be denied to a service dog assigned to a person, regardless of the ability of the person to pay prior to the treatment.


Service dogs are exempt from all state and local licensing fees. Accreditation such as service dog certification are not required to comply with the above listed statutes. However, this training can prove very useful in their overall performance as your aid.

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