Service Dog Laws in Indiana


The state of Indiana has specific laws in place, as do all states, governing the use of service dogs and requirements defining how and where they may be utilized. Service dog laws in Indiana classify these canines as service animals. Chapter 16, Sec 1.5 of state law lists these as follows: hearing, guide, assistance, seizure alert, mobility, psychiatric and autism service animals.

Service dog certification, while not required by law, can provide the specialized training required to fit the legal definition of a service animal in Indiana as receiving specific instructions in the aid of one of the categories listed above.


Section 2 of Chapter 16 of the service dog laws in Indiana, lists particular places of education where service dogs must be allowed entry. These include: nursery, elementary and secondary schools, as well as, undergraduate and postgraduate public and private institutions.

Other than learning facilities, Indiana offers a very short description of other public accommodations where service dogs must be welcomed as “an establishment that caters or offers services, facilities or goods to the general public”. This will normally include bars, restaurants, fast food locations, retail stores, movie theaters and other places of amusement. Public conveyances such as, buses, taxis, trains and commercial airliners are also required to offer a reasonable accommodation to service dogs accompanying a disabled individual.

Once again, service dog certification is highly recommended to alleviate any difficulties you may encounter in public scenarios involving the service animal.


There are penalties established by the service dog laws in Indiana for interfering with the admittance of a service dog to a public venue or for any obstruction preventing the canine from performing its duties. It is also illegal to charge an additional fee due to the animal’s presence. Failure to comply with the above listed conditions will result in a Class C state infraction.

While proprietors of these establishments are required by Indiana state law to admit a disabled person and their service dog, the owner of the animal is liable for any real damages caused, accidently or otherwise and may ask the individual to depart the premises should the dog become unruly in any way.

Service dog certification training is your best option in avoiding such situations from occurring.

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