Service Dog Laws in Arizona

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This article will summarize some of the service dog laws in Arizona and is intended to be used for general reference only, not as a legal document. The underlying intent of the material is for you to consider service dog certification training. As you will see, this accreditation can be helpful in both obeying these laws and providing the best possible scenario for the disabled individuals use of this service animal.

In Arizona, the law involving allowing service dogs into public places is very concise. It reads: “Any person or entity that operates a public place shall not discriminate against individuals with disabilities who use service animals.” As simply as that law is stated, conversely, Arizona does provide for more exclusions of service dogs than most other states. These are summarized and paraphrased below :

1. It can be denied entry if it poses a direct health hazard or safety threat to others.

2. If it fundamentally alters the nature of the place, goods, services or activities within.

3. If it poses an undue burden.

The above laws are somewhat subjective and definitely open to interpretation. With this, comes the possibility of litigation, should a dispute develop that cannot be resolved locally between the two parties. Zoo’s in Arizona, may exclude a service dog if there is the possibility of direct contact with the other animals. All service dog laws in Arizona hold the service animals owner liable for any actual damages that are the result of the service dogs actions. This is where service dog certification may best benefit you, as a great part of it’s curriculum involves the teaching of dog obedience in public venues.

The driver of a vehicle approaching a pedestrian using a service animal must yield the right of way and take reasonable precautions. The driver is liable for any injury or damages to the pedestrian or the animal as a result of the drivers negligence. Any violation of the service dog laws in Arizona will result in that person being guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor. While others must respect your right to use a service dog, you in turn should respect their right to proper conduct by the canine and consider obtaining service dog certification.

2 Responses to Service Dog Laws in Arizona

  1. Tracey Dunbar says:

    Are service dogs allowed to be on the seats or booths in restraunts? If they are seen placing their pawns on table are employees allowed to say something and what would be the appropriate thing to say ? Also are they allowed to eat the food served by the restraunt? is the restraunt required to provide a paper place or bowl for the dog to eat and drink from?

    • admin says:

      Hi Tracey,

      I don’t believe there are any specific on these issues. ADA does require the animal to be well behaved, and respond to commands from its owner. I guess some might say a dog putting its paws on the table is not well behaved. I certainly wouldn’t allow my service dog to do this. Usually you would have your service dog under or near the table. As for eating and drinking the restaurant certainly is not required to provide a plate or bowl for the animal.

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