Service Dog Laws in Alaska

Service Dog Rests near snow

The information provided within this article is published for reference only as  an outline of service dog laws in Alaska and does not represent a legal document. It should be useful if you are contemplating acquiring service dog certification in the state or already are utilizing a service animal on an everyday basis. Some of the following sections of Alaska laws may be paraphrased to provide for clarity and space issues.


Under Title 11, Criminal Law, Chapter 76, Miscellaneous Offenses, Section 11.76.130, Sub Section A (2) states  a person commit’s the crime of interference with the rights of a physically or mentally challenged person if the person intentionally prevents or restricts the challenged person from being accompanied or assisted by a certified service animal, without an extra charge for the service animal, in a common carrier, place of public accommodation or other place to which the general public is invited.

Sub Section B does go on to explain, however, that the person with the service animal is liable for any damages done to the property by the assistance pet. Sub Section C of the service dog laws in Alaska define a “ certified service animal “ as one that has been trained and certified by a school or training facility to completion.


Section 11.76.133 ( Interference with the training of a service animal ) basically reiterates’ the same laws and provisions listed above for any person authorized to train a service animal for the eventual use by a physically or mentally challenged individual, even if said individual is not present at the time of the training. The animal should wear a vest or have another form of training designation displayed on it during the session.

As in Sub Section B above, the trainer will be responsible for any damage done to the premises by the animal being trained.


Title 9, Code of Civil Procedure, Chapter 65, Section 09.65.150 calls for the operator of a vehicle approaching a physically disabled person with a service animal to take precautions necessary to avoid injury to the individual and service animal. Failure to exercise appropriate precautions will deem the vehicle operator liable for any and all damages inflicted upon the disabled person, service animal or property therein.

I hope you have found this summary of the service dog laws in Alaska as a benefit if you are considering service dog certification in “ The Last Frontier “.

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