Service Dog Laws in Alabama

dog in Alabama

This article is intended to be used for reference only as it pertains to service dog certification and the laws in Alabama. It should not be conveyed in any way as an official legal document. It is general in nature and published to provide basic information only. Service dog laws are different in each of the fifty United States. There are federal laws, as well, including the Americans Disability Act of 1990. The ADA, as it is known, covers all aspects relating to the disabled, including the use of service dogs. Following, is some legislation enacted specifically by the state of Alabama. The laws are paraphrased for purposes of space and clarity.


Section 21-7-4 states every person with a disability, which includes autism, has the right to enter any public place accompanied by their service dog. Public places are further defined in Section 21-7-3. It is unlawful to affix any extra fee to allow for the dogs admittance. The dog must attend to its handler based specifically on the nature of their disability. Anyone conducting training of a service dog, must also be allowed in public places along with the animal being trained, in the same manner the disabled individual would be. Service dog laws of Alabama do hold the handler/owner of the service dog liable for any damages done to the premises by the animal. Section 21-7-9  has similar provisions for renting or selling property to a disabled person utilizing a service dog.


Section 21-7-6 calls for anyone operating a motor vehicle to exercise extreme caution when coming upon anyone with a disability accompanied by a service dog near a roadway. This, once again, also applies to any dog in training and its trainer if they display notice of the training in progress. Failing to take precautions resulting in any injury to these individuals will make the driver liable for damages. Further, Title 32, Chapter 5A, Article 10 of the Alabama Rules of the Road publication states that drivers must always yield the right of way to any blind person and their service dog or a duly designated trainer with the dog under all circumstances.


Section 3-1-7 of the service dog laws in Alabama does require the dog to be wearing a vest and proper credentials be presented upon request, prior to entering any and all public venues.

 As a reminder this article is intended to be used for reference only as it pertains to service dog certification and the laws in Alabama.

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  1. Sarah Inman says:

    Section 3-1-7 does not say anything about having identification, but does say that interfering with a service dog while working is a misdemeanor.
    This was an amendment added and made active September 2011 to become more in line with ADA laws and recommendations.

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